We have the perfect offer for almost every budget. And 30 years of experience in this field! The video recordings are always in HD 1080i, currently the highest video quality. The sound is in Stereo or 5.1 created by a multi track mixing (with up to 64 sound tracks).


See our recording offers below:  Prices per day and netto, discount from 2nd day on.

1. Very Low Budget, Medium Quality

HD 1080i + multi track mixing, good for DVD/Blu-ray and CD.3- 4 cameras + technique, 5 persons team, Video Director: € 3.975,-   Each additional camera costs only € 200 - 390,- incl. operator.


2. Low Budget, Medium / High Quality. High Quality sound recording as CD !

HD 1080i + Sound Engineer with OB van in studio quality. For DVD/Blu-ray and CD. 4-5 cameras + technique, multi track sound, 7-8 persons team, Video Director€ 5.675,-  Each additional camera costs only € 200 - 390,- incl. operator.


3. Medium Budget, TV standart quality!

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HD 1080i, Video Director + Sound Engineer with OB van. 5-6 cameras + technique, central iris control, camera red light etc., multi track sound, 9 persons team: € 8.975,-                                                    

4. High Budget, TV standart quality!  

Video OB van, panorama and tele lense, Director, 6-8 cameras, Sound OB van and Sound Engineer, 11 persons team: € 14.990,-


5. Big OB van with 6 and more cameras.  Price on request.

We offer extras, like crane, steadicam etc. at low costs (ca. € 100,-/day for the technique, plus additional operator).

Not included are costs for travelling and accomodation. We try to recruit staff from location.

Also not included is a possible post editing. Here you should calculate with a minimum of two days, rather three to four days. Daily rate post editing: € 400,- to € 480,-/day.

The difference between Low Budget and Medium/High Budget consists mainly in the higher quality of cameras as well as the better control of parameters like central iris control, red light for the camera operators, colour matching etc.

Every project requires specific solutions. Hence the prices are orientation prices.

Talk to us! We will happily meet you for a recce / Vorbesichtigung.